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Our Vocational Appraisal Services

  • Vocational evaluations
  • Labor market analysis
  • Transferable skills analysis
  • Case management
  • Job placement
  • Vocational counseling and guidance
  • Vocational expert witness work
  • Student Counseling & Guidance
  • College Major Planning
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Student Assessments
  • Level III Education Assessments

Possible Referral Questions - Choose the appropriate ones for your customer

Under additional Comments please include your referral questions:


What is the present and future vocational potential of The Customer?

Does The Customer have the intellectual capability for a two year college program?

Does The Customer have the intellectual capability for a four year college program?

Does the personal situation or The Customer appear stable enough for employment?

What jobs are available in the local area that The Customer can perform?

Does the disability The Customer has constitute a severe vocational handicap?

Does The Customer have transferable skills which are usable in the current job market?

What behaviors did The Customer demonstrate during this assessment
What are the employment-related strengths and limitations of The Customer?
What disability related limitations make it difficult for The Customer to work?

Are there any behaviors that would affect vocational functioning for The Customer?

What seem to be reasons for The Customer to appear unmotivated toward work/rehabilitation?

Are there any medical or physical concerns for The Customer, not previously reported, that could affect vocational functioning?

Would the job interests reported by The Customer be feasible goals, why or why not?

Do you recommend a formal skill-training program for The Customer?

What general accommodations will enhance the opportunities for The Customer to work?

Does The Customer have the intellectual capability for formal vocational training?

Vocational Evaluation is a comprehensive process that systematically uses work activities, (either real or simulated), as the focal point for assessment of capabilities, vocational exploration and guidance. The purpose of vocational evaluation is to assist individuals in vocational development. Vocational evaluation incorporates medical, psychological, social, vocational, cultural, and economic data into the assessment process to determine realistic vocational areas.

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