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Basic Work-related Capacities

Intellectual capacities
Using standardized academic assessment instruments, non-verbal reasoning testing, and ability to do adequately in performance based testing.
Physical And Psychomotor Capacities
The medical and physical assessment file information is reviewed and the evaluee is observed during testing to determine his/her level of functioning related to the Department of Labor physical demands of the vocational areas under consideration.
The evaluee is assessed with standardized aptitude testing. His / Her overall performance on the vocational evaluation is used to determine his/her level of aptitude performance as related to the Department of Labor, Handbook on Analyzing Jobs. The aptitude information is utilized to identify vocational goals which are realistic with different levels of training.
Various standardized academic and non-verbal tests are utilized to determine current achievement levels. The work history and academic levels of the individual are also assessed and this information is related to current achievements. If an evaluee is lacking in academic ability, and yet was able to function in a work capacity at a "higher level then he/she is tested to be", this is taken into consideration in the vocational recommendations.
Evaluees Ability to Learn About Himself
During the evaluation process the evaluation team will observe the evaluee in various situations which they have had no previous experiences. From this observation the ability to "learn from his/her mistakes" and his/her learning agility will be subjectively as well as objectively be noted.
Learning Styles
Every person learns differently with a combination of visual, auditory, modeling, and hands on techniques. The vocational evaluation will assess the primary method of learning that the evaluee may utilize to best be trained.

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