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Specific Work-related Assessments

Types of Assessment Services

Basic Work-related Capacities

Specific Work-related Assessments

How the Assessments Are Performed

Direct observation of Work-Related Behaviors during Evaluation: The activities reported include, but are not limited to:

  1. Attendance - A daily log is kept on each person who is attending the program to verify consistency of attendance.
  2. Punctuality - Arrival on time in the morning, after scheduled breaks, and after lunch is observed.
  3. Hygiene - Grooming, personal cleanliness, proper attire for the vocational area under consideration are monitored each day to identify any deficits and barriers to employment.
  4. Social Behaviors - Interactions with other evaluees socially while working is observed. Ability or inability to "warm up" to others, as well as to supervisory personnel are recorded.
  5. Teamwork - Ability to work as a member of a team is observed and recorded during the period of observation. Additionally the evaluee is asked to complete a vocational survey which helps to assess his/her ability to properly respond to various peer interactions.
  6. . Cooperation - The evaluation team observes the level of cooperation with peers in team related tasks and ability to cooperate with supervisors.
  7. Ability To Accept Criticism - The evaluees level of tolerance is noted when corrected while working.
  8. Ability To Accept Supervision - While undergoing the vocational evaluation the evaluee is placed in numerous working situations as well as while undergoing standardized testing. The ability to respond in an appropriate fashion is objectively and subjectively recorded.
  9. Effort, Initiative, Perseverance - Standardized vocational work sample and paper/pencil testing is utilized and evaluees are observed in the performance and speed on vocational testing. At the approximate middle of the vocational evaluation the level of these traits is discussed with the evaluee and he/she is presented with an opportunity to improve his/her performance.
  10. Dependability And Emotional Stability - When given a task, can the evaluee be relied upon to do his/her best; does he/she work calmly or become upset when thwarted?
  11. Meeting Schedules, Attention To Detail, And Neatness In Work Performed - How conscientious does the evaluee appear to be in regard to his/her work?
  12. Care With The Materials & Property And Observance Of Safety Procedures - What is the behavior of the evaluee and his/her attention to the guidelines established by the vocational evaluation staff.
Interests, Attitudes Towards Work, and Knowledge of Occupational Information
The evaluee's Interests are tested with a minimum of two interest tests. A Vocational Survey is used to assess attitudes towards supervisors, peers, stressful working situations, and general work situations. A Vocational Awareness test is given to assess the level of knowledge of working situations.
Personal. Social. and Work Histories
During the intake interview and while undergoing assessment the evaluee is asked about his/her personal life, social life, and his/her work history, this includes interactions with peers and supervisors.
Work Skills and Work Tolerances
The evaluee will be assessed on his/her ability to perform work activities which closely resemble actual vocational situations, (i.e.. clerical work, bookkeeping, working with tools, drafting activities, electronics assembly, and other assessment instruments as dictated by the referral questions.) Work tolerance for an eight-hour day will be assessed during the vocational evaluation of more than one day.
During an interview the evaluee's ability to relate to interview type questions is assessed, a job application is given to each person and is "graded" as to its acceptability to an employer, and vocational awareness of various employment related questions is assessed.

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