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What is Vocational Evaluation?


Vocational Evaluation is a comprehensive process that systematically uses work activities, (either real or simulated), as the focal point for assessment of capabilities, vocational exploration and guidance. The purpose of vocational evaluation is to assist individuals in vocational development. Vocational evaluation incorporates medical, psychological, social, vocational, cultural, and economic data into the assessment process to determine realistic vocational areas.

Vocational Evaluation differs from Functional Capacity Evaluation in that, the evaluee is assessed on a wide range of intellectual, interests, and work samples, as well as performance based tests.

Sample Reports

Client Letter for Amarillo Texas

Sample Report in PDF Format
File Size: 76,245 Bytes

Client Letter for Lubbock Texas

Sample Report in PDF Format
File Size: 71,471 Bytes

Non-Location Specific Letter

Sample Report in PDF Format
File Size: 48,924 Bytes

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